I have symptoms of a cold, what can I do?

You could be feeling run-down, fatigued and have a headache when starting the detox, which are normal symptoms of detoxification and not necessarily a cold. If you develop a sore throat and runny nose, then you might have developed a cold. It is important to let your body rest during this time, to allow it to recover. Take the time to have a relaxing bath, and go to bed early. Increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin C (orange, lemon, lime, kiwi, capsicum, tomato), Zinc (oysters, pepitas, sunflower seeds, amaranth, lentils, tofu) and vitamin D (eggs, fish, and sunshine) to strengthen your immune system. Garlic and honey are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal and will help your body fight off the cold. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and is great at inhibiting viral replication, to aid your body in fighting the infection. Our BactoClear capsules would be particularly beneficial during a sinus infection as the herbs help to clear out the mucous and reduce inflammation.