What strategies can I adopt to avoid binge eating and emotional eating?

  • Before giving in to the temptation, stop and take 3 deep breaths and focus on what you are thinking/ feeling to determine where the urge to eat is coming from. Work through these thoughts in your head, or on paper and come up with alternative actions to help the situation/ to make you feel better, which don’t involve binge eating.
  • Alternative strategies include- going for a walk, doing some stretching, listening to music, meditation, having a relaxing bath, doing deep breathing, talking to a friend, getting a massage, watching your favourite movie, focusing on your goals or having a herbal tea.
  • If you need to eat, choose healthy fats (such as avocado, coconut yoghurt, nuts and seeds) and natural forms of sugar (fruit or honey), to make you feel better. It’s often the fat and the sugar in processed foods that we crave, so eating these healthier alternatives will help to make you feel better.
  • Remove the foods that you commonly binge on from the household, so that they are harder to obtain. Out of sight, out of mind.