Why are particular foods excluded from the Tri Detox Program?

Certain foods have been excluded from the program as they could be pro-inflammatory to the body, carry a toxic load, spike blood sugar, acidic to the body, difficult to digest, are common allergens and put stress on the liver. Removal of these foods from the diet during the detox, lessens the load on the liver and allows it to effectively detoxify the body. Consuming these foods throughout the detox will lessen the effectiveness of the program and your results.

  • Bananas: high in starch and sugar.
  • Pears: high in fructose.
  • Grapes: highly sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.
  • White potatoes: high in starch.
  • Swordfish: high in mercury.
  • Turkey: Contains more red meat than chicken.
  • Red meat: inflammatory/ acidic to the body.
  • Processed meats / bacon: high in nitrates.
  • Peanuts: highly sprayed with chemicals, often containing aflatoxin.
  • Soft drink: Inflammatory/ acidic, high in sugar, and leads to bone demineralisation.
  • Alcohol: inflammatory and puts stress on the liver.
  • Aspartame: A chemical which is toxic and inflammatory to the body.
  • Gluten: common allergen, causes inflammation and damage in the gut and reduces nutrient absorption.
  • Soy: is a goitrogen which can negatively affect the thyroid. Fermented forms such as tempeh and organic tofu are beneficial to the gut. Should be limited in those with thyroid issues.
  • Sauces: often high in sugar and salt.
  • Refined sugars: inflammatory, spikes blood sugar levels.
  • Processed fats: inflammatory to the body, difficult to digest, causes fatty deposits in arteries.