Can I snack whilst doing the cleanse?

Yes, you can snack on foods that are on the approved list in your manual if you are hungry. Additional snack ideas include- cacao bliss balls, chia seed pudding, coconut yoghurt with nuts or berries, fried tempeh strips, kale chips, olives and roasted chickpeas. It is important to avoid over-snacking as the detox could be less effective. Before reaching for a snack, have a glass of water or herbal tea, or go for a short walk to distract yourself. If you are still hungry after this, then feel free to have a snack- after all, we don’t want you to go hungry! By adopting this habit, you will avoid eating out of boredom and instead, eating only when your body requires food. Eat until satisfied as opposed to really full, to ensure that your digestion is working optimally and that you are getting the maximum benefit out of your detox program.

Be sure to be mindful when you are eating. Take 3 deep breaths before you begin eating, and focus chewing your food properly, and enjoying the flavours and textures in the food you are consuming. Try to avoid eating whilst doing other tasks such as watching TV, driving or talking on the phone. Your body is less likely to register what you’re eating if you are multitasking, meaning that it will take more food to satisfy your hunger and that you’ll be hungry again not long afterwards.