Trio Clean and Lean Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Trio Detox interact with medications prescribed by my doctor?

No, it will not interact with drugs.

Can I use the Trio Detox if I am pregnant?

No, as it is best to avoid doing any detox during pregnancy.

Can I do the Trio Detox if I am breastfeeding?

No, as it is best to avoid any detox during the first 6 months of breastfeeding; thereafter you can.

Are there any side effects from the Trio Detox?

During a detox you will be eliminating toxins from your body, which in some cases could cause a headache or fatigue or perhaps a change in bowel actions; generally, such symptoms are temporary and can be alleviated by drinking more water. Rarely a skin rash may occur, which could be a detox reaction or an allergy; if this occurs call our Health Advisory Service on 0246558855.

How many times can I do the Trio Detox?

This is up to you and your state of health. It is beneficial to do it several times a year. If you find the individual sachets, such as the Superfood, highly beneficial, you can take the individual sachet long term.

How long does it take for the Trio Detox to improve my health?

It will take 21 days.

Can I drink coffee whilst on the Trio Detox?

Yes but no more than one cup per day. Do not add any sweeteners to your coffee (except for Nature Sweet Sugar Substitute. Real coffee is better than instant coffee. Coffee does have some benefits for the liver.

Can I drink alcohol whilst doing the Trio Detox?

No, as this will overload the liver.

What can I do if I find the taste (flavour) of the Trio Detox sachets too strong?

Mix them in more liquid – such as water or fruit and vegetable juices or coconut milk.

What can I do if I do not like the taste of the sachets?

Mix them in your liquid of choice such as coconut milk, almond milk or rice milk. You can also take them with food if the taste is too strong. The alkalinising powder has the strongest taste, and if you prefer you can take this powder mid-afternoon or one hour after dinner. You can also mix the alkalinising powder in vegetable juice, either freshly made or V8 vegetable juices.

Can I lose weight from doing the Trio Detox?

Yes, you can, as the removal of toxins from the fatty deposits in the body and the liver, will increase the metabolic rate.
You can expect to lose one kilogram per week, especially if you avoid –

  • All sugar (except from fruit)
  • All grains and their products (wheat, rye, barley and oats)
  • All processed foods

Who cannot do the Trio Detox?

It is best to seek advice from your doctor before doing Trio detox if you have-

  • Pregnant women
  • If you have Kidney failure and/or Liver failure, you must check with your doctor first, before doing Trio Detox

You can also phone Dr Sandra Cabot’s Health Advisory Service on 0246558855 for more help.

Can Trio Detox be taken in those with Autoimmune diseases?

In some people with autoimmune disease, a detox can cause a temporary flare up of their inflammation, which causes a temporary worsening of symptoms; this is generally only mild, and is not serious. If it continues, it is best to take only one sachet daily (e.g. only one of the Trio products instead of all 3 products). If it continues reduce dose to ½ sachet daily.
Feel free to call our naturopaths for advice on 0246558855.

Can Trio Detox be taken by people who suffer with allergies?

Yes, it can but it is important to note that allergic people are often over reactors to all sorts of things. A regular detox can help to reduce allergies over time.
People prone to allergies such as dermatitis, eczema, hives, hay fever or asthma are known as Atopic people. They are more likely to react to foods, pollens, animal hair, dust mite and herbs.
If anyone gets an allergic reaction to the Trio Detox, I recommend that the Superfood is stopped. This is because the Superfood contains so many different ingredients.
Then reintroduce the gut detox and repair product, and continue it until finished.
Then reintroduce the alkalinise sachet and continue until finished.
If allergic reaction was mild, the Superfood can then be tried again, in dose of ¼ sachet daily to see how they react. It is desirable to try the Superfood again because it is helpful for the immune system. Improvement will be slower, but will eventually occur.
If the reaction was severe, for example wheezing, swollen lips, hives etc, they will not be able to take the Trio Detox.

Can children do the Trio Detox?

In general, children under the age of 15, do not need a Detox per se. However, some of the individual sachets inside the Trio could be used in children over 8 years of age, if indicated.
For example – Gut Repair and Detox sachet could be used in dose of one daily in cases of indigestion, nausea, reflux, gut inflammation, etc. Obviously, the child must have seen their doctor first for a diagnosis.

Should I take, or do I need to take, any supplements whilst doing the Trio Detox?

There is no need to take extra supplements whilst doing Trio Detox; indeed you want to avoid taking too many different supplements during a detox.
However, if you think your liver needs extra help during the 21-day Trio Detox, the most appropriate and effective supplements to take are –

  • Livatone Plus, one to two capsules twice daily with food to support liver function
  • FibreTone Powder 2 tsp daily with the SuperFood
  • BactoClear natural antibiotic capsules, one with every meal if you have an overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria in your gut

Do not take multivitamins or other superfoods during the 21 day Trio Detox Program.

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