Detox Tips Base

Detox Enhancement Tips


Massage is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage elimination of excess fluid, and toxins.

Dry skin brushing

Using a soft bristle skin brush is an excellent way to remove a build-up of dead skin cells, stimulate the lymphatic system and boost circulation. Our skin is the largest organ of elimination and many impurities are removed via the skin through sweat. Use small
circular brushing motions on dry skin prior to showering and always work towards the heart. Saunas can also increase detoxification.

Magnesium & Salt baths

Warm baths can help to improve blood circulation. Adding some magnesium flakes or Himalayan salt or sea salt can help to encourage relaxation and help remove toxins. Add 1 cup of magnesium flakes and ½ a cup of Himalayan or sea salt.

Bentonite clay masks

Bentonite clay is great for absorbing toxins from the skin, as it is highly porous and acts like a sponge drawing away pollutants from the skin. Best mixed in 1:2 ratios. Mix 1 part of clay in a ceramic dish with 2 parts of water to form a paste and apply to the face or as a body wrap and leave for 30-60 minutes, then rinse off or use a damp sponge to remove.

Filtered water

Aim for 2 litres of filtered or rain water daily. Ensure that you use glass, metal or a BPA free drinking bottle. You can add fruit to your water bottle, such as lemon slices or berries to make it a little more interesting. Cabot Health have lovely metal water carrying bottles.


Aim to take a brisk walk for half an hour per day. This is an opportunity to enjoy being outdoors, to help quieten the mind if you walk in a relaxing place and to also obtain Vitamin D if you are walking in the sunshine. If you have a dog, then they will also thank you for the extra exercise if you take them exploring with you.

Heating foods

Do not use a microwave oven for heating foods, as this damages vital nutrients and food cell structures and also causes leaching of carcinogenic chemicals from plastic containers into food, especially if the foods contain oil. It is much safer to heat your food in a pan, the stove top or in the oven.